Before you kick off motorcycling, safety must be prioritized first and foremost. That means you have to make an excellent purchase of best motorcycle helmets. Prior to the final choice, you need to get well equipped with basic information regarding these protective headgears, so that you will be able to measure your size as well as choose a proper type and style. You must understand your need first, and then research for which product is a good fit for you.

This article will introduce you to the most typical and popular types of motorcycle helmets. Below mentioned are their brief descriptions:

  1. Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

It can be said that this closed sort of helmets is most widely used amongst professional racers. Full-face headgears leave their own impression as highly protective and durable, despite its unwieldy look and weight. Their all-round safety feature derives from the fact that full-face helmets can protect not just your head but also your face and your jaw. The inner lining covering your eyes keeps you away from unwelcomed sounds and makes riding more peaceful. The clear visor shields your face and eyes against flying objects, sunlight or harsh light from other vehicles; yet it still optimizes your visibility on the road. Furthermore, these helmets’ design minimizes wind resistance, which results in no discomfort or pressure on neck or shoulder.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  1. Three-quarter Motorcycle Helmet (a.k.a Open Face Helmet)

Without full coverage of the face, this helmet will bring more pleasure for users that love to enjoy the nature while riding. Such ¾ headgears with flip-down shields still can provide partial protection for your eyes, and your vision is slightly widened while wearing this type compared with the full-face one. Better communication is also a pro of open face helmets, since wearing them free your mouth. Just in case you are not satisfied with their lack of eye protection, it is recommended that you purchase an extra eye gear.

  1. Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Wavering between full-face and open-face? No worry! Modular headgears are here to help you. These helmets are a hybrid of 02 previous models and you stand better chances of experiencing both types’ advantages. The most remarkable feature is their mobile chin bar under control of one single button. Hence, whenever you wish to free your chin, just push the button and the bar will settle over the headgear’s top. Providing full coverage of the face, this type still enables easy communication and less strain on your head owing to its light weight.

  1. Half-covered Motorcycle Helmet

This half-face type is not usually recommended, especially when you take a long ride.  Its shell simply covers your head till your ears and thus likely to come off in case of impacts or accidents. Due to its open design, the protection against weather elements is limited and wind resistance is greater than that of other types, which leads to the rider’s discomfort or even aches after a journey. Yet there are always 02 sides to a coin: Even though half-covered helmets seem least protective, they are an ideal match for those who want to purchase a light headgear with better vision to see things more clearly.

Protective level and comfort always should be taken into account first, besides price, color or size. Trust top, famous brands when you choose any helmet to find the best which suits your need most. Some popular names include Arai, HJC, IV2, Duke, Icon, Nolan, Scorpion, etc. Hopefully, all the above-mentioned information can be of great help to your purchase.

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